9 tips to build successful unity2D and unity3D application

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9 tips to build successful unity2D and unity3D application

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Hello, friends!

I am fond of playing video games since childhood and that's the reason why I pursue my career as a game developer. I am developing games in Unity since 2010 and I am working as Unity developer since then.

This article is for unity developers to help them to develop effective unity games.

Tips to keep in mind for unity development

1) For maximum effectiveness:

Source control your work to improve your project workflow. By doing this you are assured that you won't lose any of your work progress and it also enables you to go back and forth to view the changes. Moreover, we can serialize assets, using branching strategy maximizes control over production, and to maximize effective control of your source code, use sub-modules.

2) Use Namespaces:

The namespace can be used to our advantage. Namespace facilitates us to handle our code better by allowing us to avoid using any classes with

3rd-party libraries and other classes within our code.

3) Expertise in handling debugging tools:

Master the debugging tools available in Unity Game Engine. As the debugging tools in Unity facilitate many functionalities,

including the features that can prove to help us debug our game. Make sure to utilize functions such as Debug.Break, Debug.Log, 

Debug.DrawRay, and Debug.DrawLine to your advantage. The first two functions Debug.Break and Debug.Log are is used for understanding game state, 

whereas the last two functions Debug.DrawRay, and Debug.DrawLine helps you to visually debug the game. 

To locate runtime private fields we can use the debug visual inspector.

4) Recognising performance issues:

Before you start with optimization of the game, you need to find out the source of issues.

Finding the source always helps one to approach the optimization better, because optimization strategy is different for different performance optimizations.

5) Assets Scale:

It is important to ensure that we decide on the scale of assets we are planning to use in our project.

It depends on the type of project we are working on. 

6) Automate build ON:

It is always a good practice to automate the build process to save time. Automating the build process will help us work on different game versions simultaneously,

it enables us to make small changes every now and then without going through the whole build process for every minute change.

7) Unity error searching:

To search for a unity2d terminology or solution to an error message you have received in Unity2d. Either use the main site 'unity3d.com' or use Google, 

type "site:unity3d.com" followed by your error message. It will search for the error throughout the Unity's site and resources, including their forms, 

tutorials, API documentation and knowledge base all at once.

8) Garbage collection:

If there is a consistent stutter in your frame rate, which is specifically noticeable on a mobile build, the problem in most cases is related to garbage collection (GC). GC attempts to reclaim memory occupied by objects that are no longer in use by the game. These are some of the common improvements and misuses which affect the GC.

9) GameObject instantiates and destroy:

It is related with GC, if you make frequent calls to instantiate and destroy throughout the lifetime of your game or app, it could result in affecting the GC.

At the start of your game create a pool of game objects, which can also be enabled and disabled.


Game development is a not a simple and easy trade, it requires expertise in different skills. Follow the above tips to ensure that your game development is efficiently done. 

Moreover, the above tips are not at all exhaustive. I feel it is all about mastering your craft and learning on the go. Have your own tips and spread the knowledge.

If you are a Unity game developer, let us know what are your must-know Unity2d development tips and tricks? 

Do let us know in the comments section.

And if you are looking for someone who can provide you Unity Development Services then feel free to contact us on our website.

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