Is gaming industry incurring a loss?

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Is gaming industry incurring a loss?

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GAMES! Indoor or outdoor- board games or the latest craziness of mobile gaming; the trend has definitely changed but not slowed down. When talking about the current scenario, mobile games are a fever. Gamers come from all age groups and different professional backgrounds.

We can consider many points which prove that gaming industry can never incur a loss. 

The first and foremost reason is the increase in the production of smartphones. Be it a developing or a developed country, smartphone users are increasing day by day. This further leads to increase in the development of mobile games. Most of the researchers now say that mobile gaming will represent half of the total games market by 2020.

With the increased number of smartphone usage all across the world, the number of gamers has increased exponentially.

Improved 3G and 4G services have helped the industry big time and technically upgraded games have given a much-awaited boost. Thus, growing the industry by four times since 2007-2011.Game developers have also been proliferating and getting encouragement.

Gaming has changed its face with time. It is no longer a loner’s thing. Multiplayer and competitive gaming have picked up majorly, converting the industry into a multifaceted platform. 

A very popular sector here is casino games. The reason behind the popularity of these games has earned while playing. For that matter, if I speak of “poker’ - it is a game with a huge following. Various ‘How To Guides’ are available in the market now to convert an amateur into a professional.

The development of games is no easy task. Highly skilled game developers get into action to create these pieces of fun and entertainment. Well paid job openings are giving a boom to the industry and the economy. Games developed using a cross-platform like Unity, reduce the cost of creation and also help faster development with high-quality graphics.Temple Run 2, Bad Piggies, The Room, Deus Ex: The Fall and Leviathan Warships are some of the big names that have used Unity. Technology advancements are giving game makers various tools to create more real stories and characters for a better indulgence of the gamer. In today’s time, game development has reached a different level altogether and is about kick-ass 3D action shooters, RPGs, and more.

As per the reports published by CNBCnews on Feb 2017, the digital games market is expected to see a sale of $100 billion in 2017. Again, Juniper Research's annual report into the games market predicts that the video game market will grow to earn $132 billion in total revenues by 2021.Juniper is the maker of Clash royale, Clash of Clans and Boom Beach.

The transition from PC to mobile gaming is clearly visible in all countries where PC gaming was dominant.

Gaming has huge potential.Be it brain training games, casino games or something like Super Rajni - This industry does not seem to slow down at all. Growing at an incredibly rapid pace, there can be no better time for the gaming industry than now! Game development is surely the call of the moment.

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