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This post is about the mistakes not to make if you run a game development company or aspire to start one.

Don't charge users for downloading your app:

Users tend to neglect paid apps. If you wish to earn and have to offer free downloads use ‘Freemium’. It facilitates free downloads but later charges for various features.

Keep both Free & Paid versions of the app:

Demo version is probably free for the user to get an idea about the app. Later if the user likes it and wants to experience all the features then they have to pay for it. Make sure your app is free from Ads or at least in control. Ads frustrate the user & the user might uninstall your app.  

Choose platform:

Before you decide to start development make sure you have studied the market & customers demands very well. And start development only after you have clearly understood the requirements.
With the experience I have of working on Unity viz. a cross-platform game engine I would suggest for iOS or android you should use Native. Being a Unity Developer since 2+ years I prefer both & choose Hybrid. As it happens to be economical than native.


Analytics is the vital part of any system, app or website. It helps us know our exact status in the market across the globe. This topic is stressed upon in almost every blog topic related to game development. Being a Unity game developer, it can be quite a challenging task to keep track of the trends ruling the success of the game development. This is when metrics come into the picture. Not paying attention to your growth metrics is the most critical mistakes you can make.

Consider user’s reviews & feedback:

Always remember to keep your user happy & satisfied. Make sure youreply on reviews & feedbacks. Accept the review & implement in next build. Your app might get improved with the user feedbacks because they are the ones using it actually.

Multi languages feature:

To launch your app targeting the globe would face issues regarding language. So having multi language in your app is a better feature to reach a higher group of users.
Mostly developers tend to dwell upon free translation tool which isn’t a good practice nor effective enough when it comes to languages.

No fake reviews/downloads, dwell more on Organic users:

This is also done by developers very often. Don’t go for dummy download/review. Google do not count dummy downloads/review. My recent experience has made me much more cautious aboutthis. Google algorithm removes reviews if it catches something fishy in your app reviews.

To actually know how your app is doing Organic downloads/reviews gives true analytics & help to focus on minus points.

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